Dear Seller,

Thank you for writing back to us and letting us know that the issue has been fixed when the keywords are shortened to no more than 250 characters.

Please be informed that I have contacted our concerned team and received a response stating that as the Search team is constantly working to improve the relevance of search results for our customers. This help our sellers too, since we can remove non-relevant products and let sellers compete with smaller result sets of only relevant items.

Our concerned team is running a project on this to help optimize our approach, and have not yet finalized any communication, but that is still in progress.

As of now this is working as designed, the system ignores any generic keywords over 250 bytes for all the categories including health and personal and beauty.In addition, we were also informed that our system do not do partial matching of Generic Keywords fields and it is unlikely that anyone will search for paragraphs of keywords in their entirety.

AS per the help seller can put 1000 characters but our system can index only 250 characters at maximum.

Please know that we currently do not have an option of indexing the keywords to more than 250 characters. I apologize if this policy doesn’t meet your business needs.

I do understand that this may help you for better buyer experience. However, at this time, this feature is not available for our sellers.

As to make sure that you are heard, I have passed your message to the Business team as a feedback, so they are aware of your interest.

As we continue to improve both our platform and our service, input from Sellers like you is valuable. I truly appreciate your suggestion as this is a great input for Amazon to work upon and this can actually be of great help to Sellers as well as Buyers.

If there are changes pertaining to this, Sellers will be notified via Seller Central. We encourage you to keep checking, as functionality is often refined over time.

We strive to make your selling experience on Amazon as eventful as possible and therefore we are willing to extend any help that you may need at any time.

I personally wish I was able to do a lot more in this regard, however, as the Policies are determined by our Business team we at Seller Support would not be able to influence those decisions.

We wish you great success in your future endeavors. Have a wonderful day!



以上郵件內容表明,Amazon亞馬遜將只索引產品詳情頁後臺關鍵字的前250個字符。這適用於所有五個搜尋關鍵字欄(search term field),而這項改變最大的意義在於:




4、Amazon亞馬遜還將停止對通用關鍵字字段進行部分匹配(partial matching),因為它認為沒有人會搜尋一大段的關鍵字。





首先,如果你不知道一個產品的ASIN,請轉到產品的詳情頁。登陸這個頁面後,可以在URL中找到10位數的ASIN。以下蘋果切片器(apple slicer)的這個例子,它的ASIN是B00XTCERLE。

現在,轉到搜尋欄並複製你的ASIN,然後添加一個“+”,再添加一個關鍵字來檢查該產品是否被索引。比如,如果我想知道這個蘋果切片器是否能被關鍵字“slicer”索引,你只需將“B00XTCERLE + slicer”放入搜尋欄,然後按Enter鍵即可。如果該ASIN被這個關鍵字索引了,則該產品就會在搜尋結果頁面上顯示,如果沒有被索引,比如我搜尋B00XTCERLE + manzana,搜尋結果頁面就會顯示:“你的搜尋‘B00XTCERLE + manzana’沒有匹配任何產品。”



如果你想從反向ASIN查詢過程中得到更多信息,那麽你可以使用Scope Google Chrome(谷歌瀏覽器)的擴展程序。一旦你添加了擴展程序並註冊了計劃(該工具提供了一個免費計劃,每個ASIN可以顯示三個關鍵字),你就可以開始研究了。

首先,轉到要研究的Amazon亞馬遜產品詳情頁,然後選擇頁面右下角的“Show Scope”。以蘋果切片器為例,從上圖可以看到,Scope為這個蘋果切片器展示了217個各種長尾格式的關鍵字。你可以根據關鍵字、最後一次刷新時間、搜尋量、每次點擊出價、搜尋排名和估計的銷售量查看結果。我們可以把重點放在搜尋量這個結果上,因為我們都想知道大多數購物者使用的搜尋關鍵字。然後,我們可以將關鍵字導出到.csv文件中,刪除任何重複的內容。



這一更新對賣家、購物者和Amazon亞馬遜來說是積極的一步。為什麽這麽說? 因為這意味著Amazon亞馬遜搜尋將產生更多相關的結果。賣家面臨的最大挑戰是,他們必須花更多時間優化自然和付費搜尋的關鍵字。結果應該會是:更低的展示次數、但有更高的轉化次數,因為購物者看到的是更加相關的搜尋結果頁面。